PartNumber: MIC841LYC5 TR
Ном. номер: 8109993254
Производитель: Micrel Semiconductor
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The MIC841LYC5 TR is a micro-power Precision Voltage Comparator with an on-chip voltage reference. The device is intended for voltage monitoring applications. External resistor is used to set the voltage monitor threshold. When the threshold is crossed, the outputs switch polarity. The MIC842 incorporates a voltage reference and comparator with fixed internal hysteresis; two external resistors are used to set the switching threshold voltage. The MIC841 provides a similar function with user adjustable hysteresis, this part requires three external resistors to set the upper and lower thresholds. The MIC841 is available with push-pull or open-drain output stage. The push-pull output stage is configured either active high or active low, the open-drain output stage is only configured active low. Supply current is extremely low, making it ideal for portable applications.

• ±1.25% Voltage threshold accuracy
• Externally adjustable hysteresis
• Open drain output can be pulled to 6V regardless of VDD
• Immune to brief input transients
• B14 Marking

1.5µA Undervoltage Comparator w/ 1.25% 1.24V Reference, Adj. Hysteresis, Active-High Push-Pull Output SC70-5

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Datasheet MIC841LYC5 TR
Datasheet MIC841LYC5 TR