PartNumber: LTC3553EUD#PBF
Ном. номер: 8145321375
Производитель: Linear Technology
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The LTC3553EUD#PBF is a micropower USB Power Manager with Li-ion charger, LDO and buck regulator. It includes a PowerPath manager with automatic load prioritization, a battery charger, an ideal diode and numerous internal protection features. Designed specifically for USB applications, the LTC3553 power manager automatically limits input current to a maximum of either 100 or 500mA. Battery charge current is automatically reduced such that the sum of the load current and the charge current does not exceed the selected input current limit. The LTC3553 also includes a synchronous buck regulator, a low dropout linear regulator (LDO) and a pushbutton controller with all supplies enabled in standby mode, the quiescent current drawn from the battery is only 12µA.

• 12µA Standby mode quiescent current (all outputs on)
• Seamless transition between input power sources (Li-ion/polymer battery and USB)
• 240mR Internal ideal diode provides low loss PowerPath™
• High efficiency 200mA buck regulator
• 150mA Low dropout (LDO) linear regulator
• Pushbutton ON/OFF control with system reset
• Full featured Li-ion/polymer battery charger
• Programmable charge current with thermal limiting
• Instant-on operation with discharged battery

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Datasheet LTC3553EUD#PBF