PartNumber: MAX17552AUB+
Ном. номер: 8145716465
Производитель: Maxim Semiconductor
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The MAX17552AUB+ is a 60V, 100mA, ultra small, high efficiency, synchronous step down DC to DC converter with 22µA no-load supply current in 10 pin µMAX package. The converters can deliver output current up to 100mA at output voltages of 0.8V to 0.9 x VIN. The output voltage is accurate to within ±1.75%. The device employ a peak-current-mode control architecture with a MODE pin that can be used to operate the device in pulse-width modulation (PWM) or pulse frequency modulation (PFM) control schemes. PWM operation provides constant frequency operation at all loads and is useful in applications sensitive to variable switching frequency. PFM operation disables negative inductor current and additionally skips pulses at light loads for high efficiency. The converters consume only 22µA of no-load supply current in PFM mode. The low resistance, on-chip MOSFETs ensure high efficiency at full load and simplify PCB layout.

• Supply voltage range is 4V to 60V
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 125°C
• Eliminates external components and reduces total cost
• Adjustable switching frequency range of 100KHz to 2.2MHz with external synchronization
• Peak efficiency is greater than 90%
• PFM feature for high light load efficiency
• Shutdown current is 1.2µA (typ)
• Peak current limit protection, overtemperature protection
• Programmable EN/UVLO threshold, programmable EN/UVLO threshold, monotonic startup into prebiased o/p
• Open-drain RESET pin allows output voltage monitoring


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Datasheet MAX17552AUB+