PartNumber: 10ML100MEFC6.3X5
Ном. номер: 8146577307
Производитель: Rubycon
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The Rubycon ML series capacitors are radial leaded, polarized miniature aluminium electrolytic capacitors. The capacitance value ranges from 1µF to 1000µF. ML series capacitors have 5mm to 9mm height and ideally suited for multiple applications where height is a key consideration.

• Rated voltage range from 6.3VDC to 50VDC
• ±20% tolerance
• Endurance is 3000h to 5000h at 85°C
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 105°C
• Capacitor size varies from 4mm x 5mm to 10mm x 9mm (D x L)

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Datasheet 10ML100MEFC6.3X5