PartNumber: LTC2333HLX-16#PBF
Ном. номер: 8148184368
Производитель: Linear Technology
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The LTC2333HLX-16#PBF from Linear Technology is a buffered 8-channel, 16bit, 800Ksps differential ±10.24V ADC with 30VP-P common mode range in 48 pin LQFP package. It is a low noise 8-channel multiplexed successive approximation register (SAR) ADC with buffered differential, differential wide common mode range picoamp inputs. Operating from a 5V low voltage supply, flexible high voltage supplies and using internal reference and buffer, this SoftSpan™ ADC can be configured on a conversion by conversion basis to accept ±10.24V, 0V to 10.24V, ±5.12V, or 0V to 5.12V signals on any channel. The integrated picoamp input analogue buffers, wide input common mode range and 128dB CMRR of the LTC2333-16 allow the ADC to directly digitize a variety of signals using minimal board space and power. This input signal flexibility, combined with ±1LSB INL, no missing codes at 16bit and 94.2dB SNR, makes the LTC2333-16 an ideal choice for many high voltage applications requiring wide dynamic range.

• 6MHz -3dB input bandwidth, 7.5V to 38V supply voltage
• 500pA/12nA maximum input leakage at 85°C/125°C
• ±0.2LSB DNL, ±160µV zero scale error, ±0.025 full scale error
• 7.2mA (800Ksps sample rate), 6µA (power down mode) supply current
• Supports pin selectable SPI CMOS (1.8V to 5V) and LVDS serial interfaces
• -125dB active crosstalk (typical), -110dB THD (typical) at fIN = 2KHz
• 420ns step response (full scale, 0.005% settling)
• Rail to rail input overdrive tolerance, programmable sequencer with no latency control
• Integrated reference and buffer (4.096V), 268mW power dissipation (typical)
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 125°C

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