Светодиодное сердце RDC1-0009

Опубликовано 10.08.2016

Делаем электронное светодиодное сердце. Часть 1.
21 светодиод, вибромотор для имитации биения, встроенная зарядка для Li ion аккумулятора. Скетч для Arduino - 22 эффекта.
The LED heart is based on ATmega328p MCU and consists of 21 bright LEDS, it also has a vibrating motor to make some sound. The heart has different LED effects such as blinking; heart beating; sound and light Morse coded “I love you” phrase (in Russian, but you can easily recode it in any other language); fading in and out and many others. Software is written by means of Arduino IDE. Add new effects and change available ones anyway you like. The device is powered by rechargeable battery, recharging scheme is provided. When LED heart stops blinking, just plug it into USB socket to charge.