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Printer 66 Cleaning Agent

Published 10.11.2010 Presenter Viktor Gutorov

Printer 66 Cleaning Agent
In order to maintain printout legibility, printer components must be kept clean from any kind of dirt or dust. Kontakt chemie Printer 66 is ideal for this purpose as it caters for all printer components. This effective solvent will easily remove ink residues, dirt, abraded metal deposits, fine silt, metal scraps and other soiling, which can interfere with printer performance.
Soiled components are sprayed directly, and you can hold the bottle in any position. The aerosol comes with an extension tube for cleaning small parts. As the agent copes well with ink residues it is suitable for streak-free and trace-free cleaning of printing heads of laser and ink-jet printers, and matrix components without damaging them.
Large soiled surfaces should be sprayed generously. Remove any liquid which runs off with a tissue.
PRINTER 66 contains anti-static additives to minimize dust attraction and damage due to electrostatic discharge for a long time.
It should be also noted that the aerosol can be used to clean different types of printers, such as dot matrix, ink-jet, laser printers, and some specific types, such as thermal and daisywheel printers. As the cleaner contains a highly flammable solvent, don’t forget to keep the workplace well-ventilated, keep it off ignition sources and do not spray it on hooked-up printer.