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24LC65/P PDIP8

Ном. номер: 24085
PartNumber: 24LC65/P
Производитель: Microchip
Фото 1/4 24LC65/P PDIP8
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The 24LC65/P is a 64kB I²C Smart serial Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) has been developed for advanced, low-power applications such as personal communications and provides the systems designer with flexibility through the use of many new user-programmable features. The 24XX65 offers a re-locatable 4kB block of ultra-high-endurance memory for data those changes frequently. The remainder of the array or 60kB is rated at 1000000 erase/write (E/W) cycles ensured. The 24XX65 features an input cache for fast write loads with a capacity of eight pages or 64 bytes. This device also features programmable security options for E/W protection of critical data and/or code of up to fifteen 4K blocks. Functional address lines allow the connection of up to eight 24XX65s on the same bus for up to 512kB contiguous EEPROM memory. Advanced CMOS technology makes this device ideal for low-power nonvolatile code and data applications.

• Industry standard 2-wire bus protocol I²C™ compatible
• 2ms Typical write cycle time, byte or page
• 64-byte input cache for fast write loads
• Schmitt trigger, filtered inputs for noise suppression
• Output slope control to eliminate ground bounce
• Self-timed erase and write cycles
• Power-on/off data protection circuitry
• Electrostatic discharge protection >4000V
• Data retention >200 years

Технические параметры

Тип памяти
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Максимальная тактовая частота (скорость)
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Техническая документация

24LC65 Datasheet
pdf, 208 КБ

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet 24LC65/P PDIP8 24LC65/P
Datasheet 24LC65/P PDIP8 24LC65/P

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