3886, 40piece tap/die set metri

PartNumber: 3886
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Производитель: Danaher Tool Group
3886, 40piece tap/die set metri
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40 Piece Tap and Die Set 40 Piece Tap & Die Set
GearWrench Tap and Die Sets enable the individual to be more productive due to a reversing lever with a 5° ratcheting arc. This provides a quick change from forward to reverse action eliminating hand-over-hand turning. The handle gives a 5° ratcheting arc for easy access required for tapping engine blocks and entry into confined spaces.

High quality product made from carbon steel
Ideal for confined spaces.
Supplied in a sturdy, blow moulded case
All taps and dies lock in place
Hand-over-hand turning eliminated

SetTap and Die SizesOther Pieces
612-2718 1 Tap and 1 Hexagon Die each of the following sizes: 3mmx0.50 taper, 3mmx0.60 taper, 4mmx0.70 taper, 4mmx0.75 taper, 5mmx0.80 taper, 5mmx0.90 taper, 6mmx1.00 taper, 7mmx1.00 taper, 8mmx1.25 taper, 9mmx1.00 plug, 9mmx1.25 plug, 10mmx1.25 plug, 10mmx1.50 plug, 11mmx1.50 plug, 12mmx1.50 plug, 12mmx1.75 plug and 1/8 - 28BSP pipe.1 x Metric Thread Gauge for 0.45mm to 2.50mm threads; 1 x No. 5 Screwdriver; Ratcheting T Wrench; Small Tap Adaptor; Medium Tap Adaptor; Die Adaptor; T-Handle Bar

Tap, Die and Drill Sets Tap, Die & Drill Sets


Технические параметры

Carbon Steel
число частей
состав комплекта
Taps (x17); Dies (x17); Small Tap Adapter; Medium Tap Adapter; Die Adapter; Sliding T for Adapters; Tap and Die Ratcheting T Wrench; Thread gauge; #5 Screwdriver
Maximum Die Size
12 mm
Maximum Tap Size
12 mm
Minimum Tap Size
3 mm
Minimum Die Size
3 mm

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet 3886