5370 PJP 125 P30-11, Unbraked swivel castor di

PartNumber: 5370 PJP 125 P30-11
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Производитель: Tente Castors
5370 PJP 125 P30-11, Unbraked swivel castor di
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Institutional Castor - Synthetic, Series 5370

Tente Series 5370 LEVINA single wheel bolt-hole castors are manufactured from high grade synthetic materials that are generally resistant to all detergents and disinfectants currently available. The castors incorporate a double ball bearing precision swivel head, and grey TENTEprene (thermoplastic rubber) non-marking tyre. M10 bolts are included with the LEVINA castors which can be removed without removing the castor wheel. The polypropylene wheel castors can accept a static load of 200kg, and a dynamic load of 100kg.

Series 5370 LEVINA castors offer a number of benefits that include the following:

Solid castor housing that guarantees long life

High quality tread materials ensure exceptional castor rolling properties

Short castor brake pedal offers easy operation and smaller swivel radius

Smooth surface making the castor design easy to clean

Modern castor design enhancing products that they are used with

Anti-Corrosive Plastic

Tente castors provide an optimal balance between application, design and technology. The single-wheel LEVINA castor range offers a high degree of resistance to environments where detergents and disinfectants may pose a problem, making use of high-grade synthetic materials throughout. LEVINA castors are available as solid plug, M10 or M12 threaded plug, or screw plate versions. Bolthole versions are designed to allow the bolts to be inserted separately at a later time.

Double-wheel Tente LINEA castors ideally suit hospital and care home beds, where the level of comfort and safety required is of paramount importance. The LINEA castors are unique in offering a design where the wheels are only a fraction below the overall height of the entire castor. The elegant, clean design of the LINEA castors enable them to be fitted to beds and other medical equipment, where the overall height is kept as low as possible, to maintain overall patient comfort.

Enclosures, Storage & Material Handling

Технические параметры

Corrosion Resistant, Non-Marking
Тип втулки подшипника
Ball Bearing
Hub Material
тип монтажа
Single Bolt
полная высота
размер резьбы
материал шины
диаметр колеса
ширина колеса

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