ACS709LLFTR-35BB-T, Датчик тока [QSOP24]

Артикул: ACS709LLFTR-35BB-T
Ном. номер: 9000276931
Производитель: Allegro MicroSystems
Фото 1/2 ACS709LLFTR-35BB-T, Датчик тока [QSOP24]
Фото 2/2 ACS709LLFTR-35BB-T, Датчик тока [QSOP24]
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The ACS709LLFTR-35BB-T is a high bandwidth fast fault response Current Sensor IC provides economical and precise means for current sensing applications. The ACS709 sensor consists of a precision linear hall sensor integrated circuit with a copper conduction path located near the surface of the silicon die. Applied current flows through the copper conduction path and the analogue output voltage from the hall sensor IC linearly tracks the magnetic field generated by the applied current. High level immunity to current conductor DV/DT and stray electric fields, offered by proprietary integrated shield technology, provides low output ripple and low offset drift in high-side applications.

• High isolation voltage
• 1.1mR Primary conductor resistance for low power loss
• User-settable over-current fault level
• Filter pin capacitor sets analogue signal bandwidth
• Factory trimmed sensitivity, quiescent output voltage and associated temperature coefficients
• Chopper stabilization results in extremely stable quiescent output voltage
• Ratiometric output from supply voltage
• 28mV/A Sensitivity typically

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Datasheet ACS709LLFTR-35BB-T