AD7689BCPZ, 16-бит АЦП LFCSP20

Артикул: AD7689BCPZ
Ном. номер: 9000110931
Производитель: Analog Devices
Фото 1/4 AD7689BCPZ, 16-бит АЦП LFCSP20
Фото 2/4 AD7689BCPZ, 16-бит АЦП LFCSP20Фото 3/4 AD7689BCPZ, 16-бит АЦП LFCSP20Фото 4/4 AD7689BCPZ, 16-бит АЦП LFCSP20
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The AD7689BCPZ is a 8-channel 16-bit 250kSPS PulSAR® Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC) that operates from a single power supply. It contains all components for use in a multichannel, low power data acquisition system, including a true 16-bit SAR ADC with no missing codes, a 8-channel low crosstalk multiplexer that is useful for configuring the inputs as single-ended (with or without ground sense), differential or bipolar, an internal low drift reference (selectable 2.5V or 4.096V) and buffer, a temperature sensor, a selectable one-pole filter and a sequencer that is useful when channels are continuously scanned in order. It uses a simple SPI interface for writing to the configuration register and receiving conversion results. The SPI interface uses a separate supply, VIO, which is set to the host logic level. Power dissipation scales with throughput.

• 16-bit Resolution with no missing codes
• 93.8dB Dynamic range
• -100dB at 20kHz THD
• Multiple reference types
• Internal temperature sensor (TEMP)
• No pipeline delay, SAR architecture
• 3.5mW Power dissipation at 2.5V/200kSPS
• 12.5mW Power dissipation at 5V/250kSPS
• 50nA Standby current

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Datasheet AD7689BCPZ
Datasheet AD7689BCPZ