AMC7812EVM-PDK, Демонстрационный комплект для многоканальных АЦП и ЦАП

PartNumber: AMC7812EVM-PDK
Ном. номер: 8079617451
Производитель: Texas Instruments
AMC7812EVM-PDK, Демонстрационный комплект для многоканальных АЦП и ЦАП
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The AMC7812EVM-PDK is a performance demonstration kit for AMC7812 intelligent analogue monitor and control circuit. The AMC7812 is a complete analogue monitoring and control solution that includes a 16 channel, 12bit ADC, twelve 12bit digital to analogue converters (DACs), eight GPIOs, and two remote/one local temperature sensor channels. The AMC7812 has an internal reference of +2.5V that can configure the DAC output voltage to a range of either 0V to +5V or 0V to +12.5V. An external reference can be used as well. It is ideal for multichannel applications where board space, size and low power are critical. The AMC7812EVM-PDK is a complete evaluation and demonstration kit that includes a USB based motherboard, the USB-MODEVM interface board. This kit also contains evaluation software for use with a personal computer equipped with Microsoft Windows NT or XP operating systems. The USB-MODEVM motherboard allows the AMC7812EVM to be connected to the computer via an available USB port.

• Easy to use evaluation software for computers with Microsoft Windows XP operating systems
• Complete control of board settings
• Twelve 12bit DACs with programmable outputs
• 12bit, 500KSPS ADC with 16 inputs
• Internal temperature sensor
• Power down mode
• Eight general purpose input/outputs
• Remote temperature sensors
• DAC shutdown to user defined level
• Configurable I2C compatible/SPI interface with 5V/3V logic

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