AT32UC3A3256-ALUT, Микроконтроллер, AVR32, 32-Бит, 66МГц, FLASH 256K, 110 I/O [LQFP144]

Артикул: AT32UC3A3256-ALUT
Ном. номер: 9000107756
Производитель: Atmel
Фото 1/2 AT32UC3A3256-ALUT, Микроконтроллер, AVR32, 32-Бит, 66МГц, FLASH 256K, 110 I/O [LQFP144]
Фото 2/2 AT32UC3A3256-ALUT, Микроконтроллер, AVR32, 32-Бит, 66МГц, FLASH 256K, 110 I/O [LQFP144]
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The AT32UC3A3256-ALUT is a 32-bit complete system-on-chip AVR Microcontroller. It is designed for cost-sensitive embedded applications that require low power consumption, high code density and high performance. The microcontroller's Memory Protection Unit (MPU) and fast, flexible interrupt controller support the latest real-time operating systems. Higher computation capabilities are achievable using a rich set of DSP instructions. The device incorporates on-chip flash and SRAM memories for secure and fast access. 64kB of SRAM are directly coupled to the 32-bit AVR UC3 for performance optimization. Two blocks of 32kB SRAM are independently attached to the high speed bus matrix for real Ping-Pong management. The microcontroller achieves exceptionally high data throughput by combining the multi-layered 32-bit AVR databus, 128kB on-chip SRAM with triple high speed interfaces, multi-channel peripheral, memory-to-memory DMA controller, high-speed USB embedded host, SD/SDIO card.

• Compact single-cycle RISC instruction set including DSP instruction set
• Performing up to 1.51DMIPS/MHz
• Multilayer bus system - High-performance data transfers on separate buses for increased performance
• Internal high-speed flash - Single-cycle flash access up to 36MHz
• Internal high-speed SRAM - 64kB single-cycle access at full speed, connected to CPU local bus
• Interrupt controller - Auto vectored low latency interrupt service with programmable priority
• System functions - Watchdog timer, real-time clock timer
• External memories - Supports SDRAM, SRAM, NandFlash (1-bit and 4-bit ECC), CompactFlash
• External storage device support - MultiMediaCard (MMC V4.3), Secure Digital (SD V2.0), SDIO V1.1
• Universal serial bus (USB) - High-speed USB 2.0 (480Mbps) device and embedded host
• One 8-channel 10-bit analogue-to-digital converter, multiplexed with digital IOs
• Two three-channel 16-bit timer/counter (TC)
• Four universal synchronous/asynchronous receiver/transmitters (USART)

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