AT89C5131A-S3SUM, Микроконтроллер 8-Бит, 80C52X2, 48МГц, 32КБ Flash [PLCC-52]

Артикул: AT89C5131A-S3SUM
Ном. номер: 2477059064
Производитель: Atmel
Фото 1/2 AT89C5131A-S3SUM, Микроконтроллер 8-Бит, 80C52X2, 48МГц, 32КБ Flash [PLCC-52]
Фото 2/2 AT89C5131A-S3SUM, Микроконтроллер 8-Бит, 80C52X2, 48МГц, 32КБ Flash [PLCC-52]
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The AT89C5131A-S3SUM is a 1-chip 8-bit high-performance flash version of the 80C51 Microcontroller with full-speed USB functions. This device retains the features of the Atmel 80C52 and adds 1024 bytes of on-chip expanded ERAM, dual data pointer, 16-bit up/down timer, programmable counter array, up to four programmable LED current sources, programmable hardware watchdog and power-on reset. Two software-selectable modes of reduced activity further reduce power consumption. In the idle mode the CPU is frozen while the timers, serial ports and interrupt system operate. In the power-down mode the RAM is saved and the peripheral clock is frozen, but the device has full wake-up capability through USB events or external interrupts.

• 80C52X2 Core (6 clocks per instruction)
• 16/32kB On-chip flash EEPROM in-system programming through USB
• 3kB Flash EEPROM for bootloader
• 1kB EEPROM data - Byte and page (128 bytes) erase and write
• 1024-byte On-chip expanded RAM (ERAM)
• Integrated power monitor (POR/PFD) to supervise internal power supply
• USB 1.1 and 2.0 Full speed compliant module with interrupt on transfer completion
• 100ms to 3s at 8MHz Programmable hardware watchdog timer (one-time enabled with reset-out)
• Keyboard interrupt interface on port P1 (8 bits)
• 400kBps TWI (Two Wire Interface)
• SPI interface (master/slave mode)
• 34 I/O pins
• 4 Direct-drive LED outputs with programmable current sources (2-6-10mA typical)
• 4-level Priority interrupt system (11 sources)
• Idle and power-down modes
• 0 to 24MHz On-chip oscillator with analogue PLL for 48MHz synthesis
• Industrial temperature range

Технические параметры

Ширина шины данных
Тактовая частота
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Техническая документация

AT89C5131A-S3SUM datasheet
pdf, 2221 КБ
IAR EW8051-ev-720c
zip, 48042 КБ
zip, 49027 КБ

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet AT89C5131A-S3SUM
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