ATECC508A-MAHCZ-T, Микросхема аутентификации [UDFN-8]

Фото 1/3 ATECC508A-MAHCZ-T, Микросхема аутентификации [UDFN-8]
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CryptoAuthentication™ Devices

Microchip Technology CryptoAuthentication™ Devices offer hardware-based secure storage to effectively keep secret keys hidden from unauthorized users. These small, very-low-power IC work with any microcontroller (MCU) or microprocessor (MPU) to provide flexible solutions for securing Internet of Things (IoT) nodes used in home automation, medical devices, wearables, and many other applications. They can also be used to protect the authenticity of consumables and accessories, ensuring that only legitimate ones work with your product and preserving your revenue stream.

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