AWM43300V, Датчик расхода 1л/мин 5В азот

Артикул: AWM43300V
Ном. номер: 518020318
Производитель: Honeywell
Фото 1/2 AWM43300V, Датчик расхода 1л/мин 5В азот
Фото 2/2 AWM43300V, Датчик расхода 1л/мин 5В азот
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The AWM43300V is a Microbridge Mass Airflow Sensor operates on the theory of heat transfer. Mass airflow is directed across the surface of the sensing elements. Output voltage varies in proportion to the mass air or other gas flow through the inlet and outlet ports of the package. The specially designed housing precisely directs and controls the airflow across the microstructure sensing element. Mechanical design of the package allows it to be easily mounted to printed circuit boards. The microbridge mass airflow sensor has a unique silicon chip based on advanced microstructure technology. It consists of a thin-film, thermally isolated bridge structure containing heater and temperature sensing elements. The bridge structure provides a sensitive and fast response to the flow of air or other gas over the chip. Dual sensing elements positioned on both sides of a central heating element indicate flow direction as well as flow rate.

• Precision silicon micromachining
• Sensitive to low flows 0.1 SCCM to 20 SLPM
• Adaptable for use with higher flows
• Fast response time
• Analogue output
• Low power consumption
• Repeatable response
• Laser trimmed interchangeability
• Accurate and cost effective flow sensing
• In-line printed circuit board terminals
• Standard 2.54mm (0.100") mounting centres
• Accurate sensing of low pressure 0.001 to 4.0" H2O (0.003 to 10mbar)
• Amplified signal conditioning

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Datasheet AWM43300V
Datasheet AWM43300V