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B-20L-34, Ферритовый сердечник

Ном. номер: 9000424545
Артикул: B-20L-34
Производитель: Kemet Electronics
Фото 1/3 B-20L-34, Ферритовый сердечник
Фото 2/3 B-20L-34, Ферритовый сердечникФото 3/3 B-20L-34, Ферритовый сердечник
11.80 руб.
26850 шт. со склада г.Москва,
срок 3-4 недели
от 25 шт. — 11.70 руб.
Мин. кол-во для заказа 10 шт.
Добавить в корзину 10 шт. на сумму 118 руб.

The B-20L-34 is a Bead Core suitable for use on round cable. The EMI cores are part of a family of passive components which address the issues of noise or electromagnetic interference (EMI) in circuits or systems. When the desired performance of an EMI core cannot be obtained with a single pass through the core, the impedance characteristics can be changed with multiple turns. A turn is counted by the number of lead-wire windings which pass through the inner hole of the core. Adding turns will result in higher impedance while also lowering the effective frequency range.

• Solid construction
• Windings on the outside of the core do not count

Техническая документация

pdf, 529 КБ

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet B-20L-34
Datasheet B-20L-34

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