CD4518BE, Двоичный счетчик [PDIP-16]

Артикул: CD4518BE
Ном. номер: 979605281
Производитель: Texas Instruments
Фото 1/3 CD4518BE, Двоичный счетчик [PDIP-16]
Фото 2/3 CD4518BE, Двоичный счетчик [PDIP-16]Фото 3/3 CD4518BE, Двоичный счетчик [PDIP-16]
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The CD4518BE is a CMOS dual BCD Up-counter consist of two identical, internally synchronous 4-stage counters. The counter stages are D-type flip-flops having interchangeable CLOCK and ENABLE lines for incrementing on either the positive-going or negative-going transition. For single-unit operation the ENABLE input is maintained high and the counter advances on each positive-going transition of the CLOCK. The counters are cleared by high levels on their RESET lines. The counter can be cascaded in the ripple mode by connecting Q4 to the enable input of the subsequent counter while the CLOCK input of the latter is held low.

• Positive- or negative-edge triggering
• Synchronous internal carry propagation
• 100% Tested for quiescent current at 20V
• Standardized, symmetrical output characteristics
• Meets all requirements of JEDEC tentative standard #13B

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Datasheet CD4518BE
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