DS8922AM/NOPB, Двухканальный, дифференциальный линейный драйвер/ресивер двухсторонней связи RS-422

Артикул: DS8922AM/NOPB
Ном. номер: 9020001113
Производитель: Texas Instruments
DS8922AM/NOPB, Двухканальный, дифференциальный линейный драйвер/ресивер двухсторонней связи RS-422
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The DS8922AM/NOPB is a dual differential Line Driver and Receiver Pair designed specifically for applications meeting the ST506, ST412 and ESDI Disk Drive Standards. In addition, the device meets the requirements of the EIA Standard RS-422. This device offers an input sensitivity of 200mV over a ±7V common mode operating range. Hysteresis is incorporated (typically 70mV) to improve noise margin for slowly changing input waveforms. An input fail-safe circuit is provided such that if the receiver inputs are open the output assumes the logical one state. The DS8922A driver is designed to provide unipolar differential drive to twisted pair or parallel wire transmission lines. Complementary outputs are logically ANDed and provide an output skew of 0.5ns typical with propagation delays of 12ns. This device features TRI-STATE outputs. The device has an independent control functions common to a driver and receiver pair and has separate driver and receiver control functions.

• 12ns Typical propagation delay
• 0.5ns Typical output skew
• 70mV Typical receiver hysteresis
• Meets the requirements of EIA standard RS-422
• Complementary driver outputs
• Receiver input fail-safe circuitry
• Glitch-free power up/down
• Green product and no Sb/Br

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