HCS300-I/SN, Кодер KEELOQ со скачкообразным изменением кода, последовательный [SOIC-8]

Артикул: HCS300-I/SN
Ном. номер: 9000300513
Производитель: Microchip
HCS300-I/SN, Кодер KEELOQ со скачкообразным изменением кода, последовательный [SOIC-8]
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The HCS300-I/SN is a Code Hopping Encoder designed for secure remote keyless entry (RKE) systems. The HCS300 utilizes patented KEELOQ® hopping technology incorporates high security to make this device a perfect solution for unidirectional remote keyless entry systems and access control systems. The HCS300 combines a 32-bit hopping code generated by a non-linear encryption algorithm with a 28-bit serial number and 6 status bits to create a 66-bit transmission stream. The length of the transmission eliminates the threat of code scanning and the code hopping mechanism makes each transmission unique, thus rendering code capture and re-send (code grabbing) schemes useless. The encryption key, serial number and configuration data are stored in EEPROM, which is not accessible via any external connection. This makes the HCS300 a very secure unit.

• Programmable 28-bit serial number
• Programmable 64-bit encryption key
• Each transmission is unique
• 66-bit transmission code length
• 32-bit hopping code
• 28-bit Serial number, 4-bit button code, 2-bit status
• Crypt keys are read protected
• Four button inputs
• No additional circuitry required
• 15 functions
• Selectable baud rate
• Automatic code word completion
• Low battery signal transmitted to receiver
• Non-volatile synchronization data
• Easy-to-use programming interface
• On-chip EEPROM
• On-chip oscillator and timing components
• Button inputs have internal pull-down resistors
• Current limiting on LED output
• Low external component cost

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Datasheet HCS300-I/SN

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