HEF40106BT.653, Триггер Шмитта инвертирующий [SO-14]

Артикул: HEF40106BT.653
PartNumber: HEF40106BT,653
Ном. номер: 9000347617
Производитель: NXP Semiconductor
Фото 1/3 HEF40106BT.653, Триггер Шмитта инвертирующий [SO-14]
Фото 2/3 HEF40106BT.653, Триггер Шмитта инвертирующий [SO-14]Фото 3/3 HEF40106BT.653, Триггер Шмитта инвертирующий [SO-14]
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The HEF40106BT is a Hex Inverting Schmitt-trigger, each input has a Schmitt-trigger circuit. The inverting buffer switches at different points for positive-going and negative-going signals. The difference between the positive voltage (VT+) and the negative voltage (VT-) is defined as hysteresis voltage (VH). The HEF40106B may be used for enhanced noise immunity or to "square up" slowly changing waveforms. It operates over a recommended VDD power supply range of 3 to 15V referenced to VSS (usually ground). Unused inputs must be connected to VDD, VSS or another input.

• Schmitt trigger input discrimination
• Fully static operation
• 5V, 10V and 15V Parametric ratings
• Standardized symmetrical output characteristics
• Complies with JEDEC standard JESD 13-B

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