L78L05ABD13TR, Cтабилизатор напряжения (+5В; 0.1А), [SO-8]

Артикул: L78L05ABD13TR
Ном. номер: 5223821761
Производитель: ST Microelectronics
Фото 1/3 L78L05ABD13TR, Cтабилизатор напряжения (+5В; 0.1А), [SO-8]
Фото 2/3 L78L05ABD13TR, Cтабилизатор напряжения (+5В; 0.1А), [SO-8]Фото 3/3 L78L05ABD13TR, Cтабилизатор напряжения (+5В; 0.1А), [SO-8]
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The L78L05ABD13TR is a three-terminal positive Voltage Regulator employs internal current limiting and thermal shutdown, making them essentially indestructible. If adequate heat-sink is provided, they can deliver up to 100mA output current. They are intended as fixed voltage regulators in a wide range of applications including local or on-card regulation for elimination of noise and distribution problems associated with single-point regulation. In addition, they can be used with power pass elements to make high-current voltage regulators. It used as Zener diode/resistor combination replacement, offers e improvement along with lower quiescent current and lower noise.

• Thermal Overload Protection
• Short-circuit Protection
• No External Components are Required
• Available in Either ±4% (A) or ±8% (C) Selection

Технические параметры

Максимальный ток нагрузки, А
Диапазон допустимых входных напряжений, В
Выходное напряжение, В

Техническая документация

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet L78L05ABD13TR
Datasheet L78L05ABD13TR
Datasheet L78L05ABD13TR
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