LM158DT, Двухканальный ОУ ( -55°C ~ 125°C ) [SO-8]

Артикул: LM158DT
Ном. номер: 9000102473
Производитель: ST Microelectronics
Фото 1/2 LM158DT, Двухканальный ОУ ( -55°C ~ 125°C ) [SO-8]
Фото 2/2 LM158DT, Двухканальный ОУ ( -55°C ~ 125°C ) [SO-8]
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LM158, LM258, LM358, Low Power Dual Operational Amplifiers with Low Input Bias Current
The LM158, LM258, LM358 operational amplifiers consist of two independent, high-gain, internally frequency-compensated circuits. In linear mode, the input common-mode voltage range includes ground and the output voltage can also swing to ground.

Operational Amplifiers, STMicroelectronics

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Datasheet LM158DT
LM158, LM258, LM358, Low-Power Dual Operational Amplifiers LM158DT
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