MAX4908ETD+T, Микросхема аналогового мультиплексора 3:1, двойной, 0.75Ом, 1.8В до 5.5В, TDFN-14

Ном. номер: 8637539883
Артикул: MAX4908ETD+T
Производитель: Maxim Integrated Products
MAX4908ETD+T, Микросхема аналогового мультиплексора 3:1, двойной, 0.75Ом, 1.8В до 5.5В, TDFN-14
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The MAX4908ETD+T is a dual 3: 1 clickless audio multiplexer with negative-signal handling in 14 pin TDFN package. It allows signals as low as VCC - 5.5V to pass through without distortion. This analogue multiplexer has a low on-resistance (0.38ohm), low supply current and operate from a single supply. It has shunt resistors on all input terminals, shunt resistor feature reduces click-and-pop sounds by automatically discharging capacitance at input terminal when they are not connected. A break before make feature further reduces popping. It use two digital control inputs CB1 and CB2 to switch between signals. The digital control inputs can accept up to +5.5V independent of supply voltage. It is used in cell phones, PDAs and handheld devices, notebook computers and MP3 players.

• Supply voltage range is 1.8V to 5.5V
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C
• Distortion free negative signal throughput down to VCC - 5.5V
• High PSRR reduces supply noise
• Channel to channel matching of 0.1ohm (max)
• On-resistance flatness is 0.35ohm (max)
• Crosstalk of -70dB (typ) at 20KHz
• Off-isolation of -80dB (typ) at 20KHz
• Total harmonic distortion is 0.02% (typ)
• Leakage current is 50nA, supply current is 50nA

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Количество Схем
Корпус Аналогового Мультиплексора
Конфигурация Мультиплексора
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Datasheet MAX4908ETD+T

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