MAX6965ATE+, Драйвер светодиода, 2В - 3.6В вход, 9 выходов, 7В/50мА выход, TQFN-16

PartNumber: MAX6965ATE+
Ном. номер: 8015405478
Производитель: Maxim Semiconductor
MAX6965ATE+, Драйвер светодиода, 2В - 3.6В вход, 9 выходов, 7В/50мА выход, TQFN-16
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The MAX6965ATE+ is a 9-output LED driver with intensity control and hot insertion protection in 16 pin TQFN package. This I2C compatible serial interfaced peripheral device provides microprocessors with nine additional output ports. All outputs are capable of driving LEDs or providing logic outputs with external resistive pull-up up to 7V. An 8bit PWM current control is also integrated. Four of the bits are global control and apply to all LED outputs to provide coarse adjustment of current from fully off to fully on with 14 intensity steps. Additionally each output then has an individual 4bit control which further divides globally set current into 16 more steps. Each output has independent blink timing with two blink phases. The SDA, SCL, active-low RST, BLINK and slave address input AD0 remain high impedance in power-down (V+ = 0V) with up to 6V asserted upon them. It is used in LCD backlights, LED status indication, keypad backlights and RGB LED drivers.

• Operating supply voltage range from 2V to 3.6V
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 125°C
• 400Kbps, 2-wire serial interface, 5.5V tolerant
• Each output is an open-drain current sinking output rated to 50mA at 7V
• Global 16 step intensity control plus individual 16 step intensity controls
• Two phase LED blinking
• Active-low RST input clears serial interface and restores power-up default state
• Supply current (interface running, PWM enabled) of 51µA at TA = +25°C, fSCL = 400KHz
• Standby current of 1.2µA at TA = +25°C
• PWM clock frequency of 32KHz

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