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MAX8903JETI+T, Зарядное устройство для 1-элементной литий-ионной батареи, 16В вход, 16В/2A зарядка, TQFN-28

Ном. номер: 8164866358
PartNumber: MAX8903JETI+T
Производитель: Maxim Semiconductor
MAX8903JETI+T, Зарядное устройство для 1-элементной литий-ионной батареи, 16В вход, 16В/2A зарядка, TQFN-28
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The MAX8903JETI+T is an integrated 1 cell Li+ DC to DC charger and Smart Power Selectors with dual (AC adapter and USB) power inputs in 28 pin TQFN package. The switch mode charger uses a high switching frequency to eliminate heat and minimize the usage of external components. It can operate with either separate inputs for USB and AC adapter power or from a single input that accepts both. All power switches for charging and switching the load between battery and external power are included on-chip. MAX8903 device internally block current from the battery and system back to the DC and USB inputs when no input supply is present. This device function includes prequel charging and timer, fast charge timer, overvoltage protection, charge status and fault outputs, power-OK monitors and battery thermistor monitor. The on-chip thermal limiting reduces battery charge rate and AC adapter current to prevent charger from overheating.

• Optimized smart power control using USB or adapter power
• DC input operating voltage rating is 4.15V to 16V
• USB input operating voltage range is 4.1V to 6.3V
• Maximum switching frequency is 4MHz
• DC step down output current limit step range is 0.5A to 2A
• 50mohm system to battery switch
• Integrated current sense resistor
• No external mosfets or diodes
• Battery charge current and SYS output current limit are independently set
• Power not used by the system will charge the battery

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Datasheet MAX8903JETI+T

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