MAX951EUA+, Операционный усилитель, ОУ + компаратор + опорный источник, 1 Усилитель, 20 кГц, 12.5 В/мс

PartNumber: MAX951EUA+
Ном. номер: 8084876460
Производитель: Maxim Semiconductor
MAX951EUA+, Операционный усилитель, ОУ + компаратор + опорный источник, 1 Усилитель, 20 кГц, 12.5 В/мс
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The MAX951EUA+ is an ultra low power, single supply op-amp, comparator and reference in 8 pin µMAX package. The device operates from single 2.7V to 7V (TA = -10°C to +85°C) supply with typical supply current of 7µA. The inverting input of comparator is connected to an internal 1.2V ±2% bandgap reference. Both op-amp and comparator has common mode input voltage range that extends from negative supply rail to within 1.6V of positive rail. The op-amp in MAX951 is internally compensated to be unity gain stable and has unique output stage that enables to operate with an ultra low supply current while maintaining linearity under loaded conditions. The comparator output stage of MAX951 continuously sources as much as 40mA and it eliminates power supply glitches that commonly occur when changing logic states by minimizing parasitic feedback and making device the easier to use. It also contains ±3mV internal hysteresis to ensure clean output switching even with slow moving input signals.

• Gain bandwidth of 20KHz and slew rate of 12.5V/ms
• Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C
• Comparator and op-amp input range includes ground
• Outputs swing rail to rail, op-amp gain stability of 1V/V
• Op-amp capable of driving up to 1000pF load
• Input offset voltage of 1mV (comparator, op-amp) and trip point of 4mV at TA = +25°C (comparator)
• PSRR of comparator is 0.05mV/V and PSRR of op-amp is 0.07 mV/V at VDD = 2.8V to 7V
• Response time of comparator is 22µs (VOD = 10mV) and 4µs (VOD = 100mV) at CL = 100pF
• Reference voltage is 1.2V and voltage noise is 16µVP-P at 0.1Hz to 10Hz
• CMRR of op-amp is 0.03mV/V and input bias current of op-amp is 0.003nA at TA = +25°C

Полупроводники - Микросхемы\Усилители и Компараторы\Операционные Усилители - ОУ

Технические параметры

Минимальная Рабочая Температура
-40 C
Максимальная Рабочая Температура
85 C
Количество Выводов
Полоса Пропускания
Диапазон Напряжения Питания
2.8В до 7В
Скорость Нарастания
Количество Усилителей
1 Усилитель
Соответствует Фталатам RoHS
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Дополнительная информация

Datasheet MAX951EUA+