MTCH112-I/SN, Бесконтактный датчик, SOIC, 8 вывод(-ов), 1.8 В, 3.3 В

PartNumber: MTCH112-I/SN
Ном. номер: 8105106242
Производитель: Microchip
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The MTCH112-I/SN is a 2-channel Proximity/Touch Controller provides an easy way to add proximity and/or touch sensor detection to any application. The device implements either two capacitive sensors or one sensor and one active guard driver. The optional device configuration through I²C™ allows presets to be loaded in a production environment. Automatic calibration routines is used by default to choose the best options, so user configuration is not required. The MTCH112 uses a sophisticated optimization algorithm to actively eliminate noise from the signal. While the noise level is being measured, the requirements for a proximity or touch detection are updated to reflect the degree of uncertainty in the readings. When a press is detected for the first time, the threshold is automatically calibrated to choose a smart threshold for the release and next press. This creates a system that dynamically optimizes the signal to-noise ratio for its environment.

• High signal to noise ratio (SNR)
• Adjustable sensitivity
• Noise rejection filters
• Automatic calibration with optional user presets
• Dynamic threshold management
• Automatic environmental compensation
• Guard sensing option
• Stuck release mechanism
• I²C™ communication
• No required external components
• Low-power mode
• Response time as low as 10ms
• Hardware error detection

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Datasheet MTCH112-I/SN