NCP1271D65R2G, ШИМ-Контроллер, CM OVP OTP HV [SOIC-7]

Артикул: NCP1271D65R2G
Ном. номер: 9000146728
Производитель: ON Semiconductor
Фото 1/4 NCP1271D65R2G, ШИМ-Контроллер, CM OVP OTP HV [SOIC-7]
Фото 2/4 NCP1271D65R2G, ШИМ-Контроллер, CM OVP OTP HV [SOIC-7]Фото 3/4 NCP1271D65R2G, ШИМ-Контроллер, CM OVP OTP HV [SOIC-7]Фото 4/4 NCP1271D65R2G, ШИМ-Контроллер, CM OVP OTP HV [SOIC-7]
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The NCP1271D65R2G is a soft-skip mode Standby Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Controller with adjustable skip level and external latch. It allows for excellent stand by power consumption by use of its adjustable esoft-skip mode and integrated high voltage startup FET. This proprietary Soft-Skip also dramatically reduces the risk of acoustic noise. This allows the use of inexpensive transformers and capacitors in the clamping network. Internal frequency jittering, ramp compensation, timer-based fault detection and a latch input make this controller an excellent candidate for converters where ruggedness and component cost are the key constraints.

• Fixed-frequency current-mode operation with ramp compensation and skip cycle in standby condition
• Timer-based fault protection for improved overload detection
• Soft-skip mode technique for optimal noise control in standby
• Internal high-voltage startup current source for lossless startup
• 5% Current limit accuracy over the full temperature range
• Adjustable skip level
• Internal latch for easy implementation of overvoltage and overtemperature protection
• Frequency jittering for softened EMI signature

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Datasheet NCP1271D65R2G
NCP1271, Soft-Skip Mode Standby PWM Controller with Adjustable Skip Level and External Latch NCP1271D65R2G
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