R0E00008AKCE00, E8A EMULATOR, FOR R8C, M16C, H8S, H8

PartNumber: R0E00008AKCE00
Ном. номер: 8078344898
Производитель: Renesas Technology
R0E00008AKCE00, E8A EMULATOR, FOR R8C, M16C, H8S, H8
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The R0E00008AKCE00 is an E8a on chip debugging emulator and development tool maintaining the same functionality as E8 and ease of use. The E8a emulator is a software and hardware development support tool for application systems using the Renesas microcomputer. The E8a is designed to be used both as an on chip debugger for R8C Family, M16C Family, H8 Family H8/Tiny and Super Low Power Series, and 740 Family in conjunction with Renesas HEW providing the user with a range of debugging features as well as a handy device programmer. The main unit of the emulator is connected through the dedicated debugging interface to the user system. The user system can be debugged under the conditions similar to the actual application conditions. E8a is ideal for the modern development and prototyping environment with programming support for devices from all the main MCU families. It supports variety of development software tools, such as the C compiler and simulators.

• On chip debugging emulator and development
• Used as an on chip debugger, complete system debug
• E8a supports two types of flash memory programming
• The emulator has three activation modes
• Programming for Renesas' 8 to 32bit microcomputers
• Operation at low voltage and Highly cost effective card emulator
• Realtime emulation can be conducted at the maximum operating frequency of the MCU
• Compact debugging environment

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Технические параметры

On-Chip Debugging, Flash Memory Programming
Архитектура Ядра
R8C, M16C, H8
Подархитектура Ядра
H8, M16C, R8C
Тип Продукта Микросхемы
Отладочный Эмулятор на Чипе

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet R0E00008AKCE00