SACC-E-M12FS- 5CON-PG9/0,5, Разъем Кабеля, Sensors and Actuators

PartNumber: SACC-E-M12FS-5CON-PG9/0,5
Ном. номер: 8071672955
Производитель: Phoenix Contact
SACC-E-M12FS- 5CON-PG9/0,5, Разъем Кабеля, Sensors and Actuators
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The SACC-E-M12FS-5CON-PG9/0.5 is a 5-position A-coded M12 sensor/actuator Flush-type Socket with individual wires connection. It has CuZn contacts and PA 66 (polyamide 66) contact carrier. Standard pin assignments and coding for signal, data and power transmission with uniform design-in design.

• Front/screw mounting with PG9 thread
• Nickel-plated brass knurls
• Pre-assembled with TPE litz wires for immediate use
• Sealed on the litz wire side for optimum leak-tightness
• 4A Rated current at 40°C
• 60V Rated voltage
• 1.5kV Rated surge voltage
• >=100MR Insulation resistance
• 0.34mm² Conductor cross section
• IP67 Protection

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Количество контактов
5 контакт(-ов)
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Sensors and Actuators
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Datasheet SACC-E-M12FS-5CON-PG9/0,5