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SN74LS590N, 8-битный двоичный счетчик с регистром на выходе

Ном. номер: 120019467
Артикул: SN74LS590N
Производитель: Texas Instruments
SN74LS590N, 8-битный двоичный счетчик с регистром на выходе
1 370 руб.
15 шт.,
срок 6-8 недель
от 10 шт. — 1 240 руб.
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1 600 руб. 3-4 недели, 128 шт. 1 шт. 1 шт.
от 10 шт. — 1 360 руб.
от 25 шт. — 1 260 руб.
902 руб. 4-6 недель, 1 шт. 1 шт. 1 шт.
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The SN74LS590N is a 8-bit Binary Counter with output registers and 3-state outputs. It feeds an 8-bit storage register. The storage register has parallel outputs. Separate clocks are provided for both the binary counter and storage register. The binary counter features a direct clear input CCLR\ and a count enable input CCKEN\. For cascading, a ripple carry output RCO\ is provided. Expansion is easily accomplished for two stages by connecting RCO\ of the first stage to CCKEN\ of the second stage. Cascading for larger count chains can be accomplished by connecting RCO\ of each stage to CCK of the following stage. Both the counter and register clocks are positive-edge triggered. If the user wishes to connect both clocks together, the counter state will always be one count ahead of the register. Internal circuitry prevents clocking from the clock enable.

• TTL Input
• CMOS Output

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