TOP242PN, Импульсный регулятор напряжения [DIP-8]

Артикул: TOP242PN
Ном. номер: 9110051299
Производитель: Power Integrations
Фото 1/2 TOP242PN, Импульсный регулятор напряжения [DIP-8]
Фото 2/2 TOP242PN, Импульсный регулятор напряжения [DIP-8]
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The TOP242PN is a TOPSwitch-GX Integrated Off-line Switcher IC flyback supply provides 4 outputs, delivering 7W from a 230VAC ±15% input. Resistor R7 programs the internal TOP242PN current limit to 78% of nominal, just above the level needed for full load at low line. This feature allows a more continuous transformer design for better efficiency and cross-regulation, without requiring a larger core size. Resistor R12, C10 and L2 filter conducted EMI; R12 is a flameproof fusible type, also functioning as a fuse. For lower cost, if the supply does not have to meet conducted EMI with the output connected to earth ground, the common mode choke can be replaced with a π filter. A Zener clamp (D11 and VR1) was selected over an RCD clamp to minimize zero load consumption.

• <0.5W Input power at zero load
• Low component count design occupies 80 x 30 x 16mm
• Integrated soft-start reduces start-up component stresses
• Extended power range for higher power applications
• Eliminate or reduce cost of external components
• Externally programmable accurate current limit
• No turn off glitches line under-voltage (UV) detection
• Line over voltage (OV) shutdown extends line surge limit
• 132kHz Frequency reduces transformer/power supply size
• Hysteretic thermal shutdown for automatic fault recovery
• Large thermal hysteresis prevents PC board overheating

Техническая документация

TOP242-250 datasheet
pdf, 2174 КБ

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Datasheet TOP242PN