TOP245YN, ШИМ-контроллер Off-line PWM switch, 26-40Вт [TO-220-7]

Артикул: TOP245YN
Ном. номер: 229224524
Производитель: Power Integrations
Фото 1/2 TOP245YN, ШИМ-контроллер Off-line PWM switch, 26-40Вт [TO-220-7]
Фото 2/2 TOP245YN, ШИМ-контроллер Off-line PWM switch, 26-40Вт [TO-220-7]
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The TOP245YN is a TOPSwitch-GX EcoSmart integrated off line switcher in 6 pin TO-220 package. TOPSwitch-GX uses same proven topology as TOPSwitch which cost effectively by integrating high voltage power MOSFET, PWM control, fault protection and other control circuitry onto a single CMOS chip. Many new functions are integrated to reduce system cost, improve design flexibility, high performance and energy efficient. The TOP245YN features soft start, frequency jittering for lower EMI, wider DCMAX, hysteretic thermal shutdown and larger creepage packages. In addition all critical parameters (current limit, frequency, PWM gain) have tighter temperature and absolute tolerances to simplify design and optimize system cost.

• Output power of 85W at 230VAC and 60W at 85VAC to 265VAC in open frame design
• Output power of 40W at 230VAC and 26W at 85VAC to 265VAC in non ventilated enclosed adapter
• Extended power range for higher power applications
• Wider duty cycle for more power, smaller input capacitor
• Regulates to zero load without dummy loading
• 132KHz frequency reduces transformer/power supply size
• Hysteretic thermal shutdown for automatic fault recovery
• Large thermal hysteresis prevents PC board overheating
• Switching frequency of 132KHz (frequency pin connected to source) and 66KHz (connected to control)
• Operating junction temperature range from -40°C to 150°C

Техническая документация

TOP245YN datasheet
pdf, 468 КБ

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Datasheet TOP245YN
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