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TPS61165DBVT, Драйвер белых светодиодов 1 канальный, PWM Dimming [SOT-23-6]

Ном. номер: 9000463548
Артикул: TPS61165DBVT
Производитель: Texas Instruments
TPS61165DBVT, Драйвер белых светодиодов 1 канальный, PWM Dimming [SOT-23-6]
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The TPS61165DBVT is a High Brightness White LED Driver with a 40V rated integrated switch FET. This boost converter runs at a 1.2MHz fixed switching frequency with 1.2A switch current limit and allows for the use of a high-brightness LED in general lighting. The default white LED current is set with the external sensor resistor Rset and the feedback voltage is regulated to 200mV. During the operation, the LED current can be controlled using the 1 wire digital interface through the CTRL pin. Alternatively, a pulse-width-modulation (PWM) signal can be applied to the CTRL pin through which the duty cycle determines the feedback reference voltage. In either digital or PWM mode, device does not burst the LED current, therefore, it does not generate audible noises on the output capacitor. For maximum protection, the device features integrated open LED protection that disables the TPS61165 to prevent the output from exceeding its absolute maximum voltage ratings during open LED conditions.

• 38V Open LED protection
• 200mV Reference voltage with 2% accuracy
• 1.2A Switch FET with 1.2MHz switching frequency
• Flexible 1 wire digital (EasyScale™ protocol) and PWM brightness control
• Built-in soft start
• Up to 90% efficiency
• Green product and no Sb/Br

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