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282110-1, Контакт-гнездо для розеток Superseal 1.5, провод 0.75-1.5

Артикул: 282110-1
Ном. номер: 9000073013
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
Фото 1/2 282110-1, Контакт-гнездо для розеток Superseal 1.5, провод 0.75-1.5
Фото 2/2 282110-1, Контакт-гнездо для розеток Superseal 1.5, провод 0.75-1.5
Есть в наличии 298 шт. Отгрузка со склада в г.Москва 3 рабочих дня.
Ожидается поступление на склад г.Москва: 24 марта 2017 г. — 6 000 шт.
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от 400 шт. — 5 руб.
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Duraseal - Receptacle Receptacle
From TE Connectivity, Duraseal heat shrinkable crimp connectors. Non-coated crimp contacts for use with superseal PCB connectors are also included in this range (see stock number 680-2063.)

∙ Red 0.25 - 1.6 mm²
∙ Blue 1.0 - 2.6 mm²
∙ For appropriate Crimps see RS 680-2063, RS 680-2893, RS 680-5876


Термоусадочные элементы Duraseal - изолированные клеммы и наборы Duraseal Heatshrinkable
TE heat shrinkable pre-insulated nylon splices and crimp terminals provide reliable connections, especially where environmental sealing is important. Covering cable sizes from 0.5mm - 6.0mm², they are designed for use where water or condensation may be encountered, or where abrasion or mechanical abuse could be problematic. To complete a joint, the cable connector is crimped in the traditional manner, and the sleeving is then heated to shrink around the cable insulation. Special adhesive flows during the heating to seal the joint.

∙ The TE Duraseal kit is especially suited for use in automotive (approved by most car manufacturers) and marine builds, where environmental sealing is important
∙ Kits are also available comprising various heat-shrinkable pre-insulated nylon splices and terminals, covering ranges from 0.5mm² to 6.0mm².

Voltage Rating600 VInsulation MaterialNylon
Temperature Range-55°C to +125°CDielectric Strength 7.5kV
Terminal MaterialHigh Grade CopperInsulation Resistance10 MΩ

UL Listed

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Crimp receptacle, F, pre-tin, 15.5-18awg 282110-1
Datasheet 282110-1
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