3-520133-2, Наконечник флажковый 6.35х0.81мм изолированный

Артикул: 3-520133-2
Ном. номер: 9000023001
Производитель: TE Connectivity (Tyco)
Фото 1/2 3-520133-2, Наконечник флажковый 6.35х0.81мм изолированный
Фото 2/2 3-520133-2, Наконечник флажковый 6.35х0.81мм изолированный
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The 3-520133-2 is a female quick Disconnect Terminal made of copper alloy with tin plated finish and blue nylon 6/6 housing. This ultra-fast fully insulated receptacle features a brass terminal base, its one-piece fully insulated premier line receptacle crimp helps to prevent shock and short hazards, full mating with a variety of tab styles including those with shoulders. The user-friendly design combines easy mating with rounded corners. Preclude the need for costly electrical safety interlocks or special protective shields to help prevent shock hazards. In addition, electrical short circuits from exposed leads are eliminated, even in equipment requiring close contact spacing. The receptacle housing completely encloses a tin plated copper alloy premier receptacle which has been stress-relieved for increased durability and resistance to abuse. The receptacle is recessed sufficiently within the housing to allow its use in 600V applications. It accepts 16 to 14AWG wire.

• Funnel wire entry
• Wire stop
• Mating tab thickness marked on terminal and visible through housing
• UL94V-2 Flammability rating
• 600V Maximum voltage
• 105°C Operating temperature rating

Технические параметры

Функциональное назначение
Наличие изоляции
Максимальное сечение зажимаемого провода,кв.мм
Максимальное сечение зажимаемого провода,AWG
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Datasheet 3-520133-2
Трёхмерное изображение изделия 3-520133-2
Трёхмерное изображение изделия 3-520133-2
Чертеж 3-520133-2
Чертеж 3-520133-2