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XS4P12AB120, Inductive Proximity Sensor, OsiSense XS Series, 4 mm, Current Output, M12, 12 to 24 V, Pre-wired

Ном. номер: 8141551113
PartNumber: XS4P12AB120
Производитель: Telemecanique Sensors
XS4P12AB120, Inductive Proximity Sensor, OsiSense XS Series, 4 mm, Current Output, M12, 12 to 24 V, Pre-wired
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The XS4P12AB120 from Schneider Electric / Telemecanique is a application series OsiSense XS inductive proximity sensor XS4 for non contact sensing of metal objects. It features best in class quality and immunity to harsh industrial environments. An inductive proximity sensor is comprises an oscillator whose windings constitute sensing face. An alternating magnetic field is generated in front of these windings. When a metal object is placed within magnetic field generated by sensor, the resulting currents induced form additional load and oscillations cease. This causes output driver to operate and depending on sensor type (NO or NC output signal). This sensor enables detection without physical contact of metals. It's range of applications includes monitoring position of machine parts (cams, end stops), counting presence of metal objects. It also used in assembly machines, machine tools, machining, packaging, materials handling, conveying, food and beverage industry.

• 50mm size, fixed body, non flush mountable detector, plastic material, pre-cabled (L = 2m)
• Analogue output signal, 2-wire wiring technique, 1 NC discrete output function, small size
• 4mm nominal sensing distance, DC output circuit type, cylindrical M12 sensor design, M12 x 1 thread
• 0.4 to 4mm operating zone, PvR insulation material
• Rated supply voltage from 12VDC to 24VDC, weight is 0.065Kg
• 4mA to 20mA analogue output range
• IP67 conforming to IEC 60529 degree of protection
• Frontal detection face, PBT front material, PBT enclosure material
• <= 1.5KHz switching frequency, 4mA (no-load) current consumption
• CE marked, UL and CSA certified, -25°C to 70°C ambient air temperature for operation

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