A121-001-T&R, Distance Sensors Radar sensor system-in-package BGA provided in T&R

A121-001-T&R, Distance Sensors Radar sensor system-in-package BGA provided in T&R
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Номенклатурный номер: 8019859263
Артикул: A121-001-T&R
Бренд: Acconeer AB


Sensors\Motion & Position Sensors\Distance Sensors
A121 Pulsed Coherent Radar (PCR)

Acconeer A121 Pulsed Coherent Radar (PCR) is a radar system based on patented PCR technology with picosecond time resolution and comes fully integrated in a small package of 29mm 2. The 60GHz radar system is optimized for ultra-low power consumption and high-precision performance. This one-package solution features an integrated baseband, RF front-end, and antenna for easy integration into portable battery-driven devices. The A121 sensor measures up to 20m, with the actual measurable distance dependent on object shape, size, and dielectric properties. The radar is not affected by natural interference, such as dust, noise, color, and direct or indirect light. Applications for the Acconeer A121 PCR include distance and velocity measurements, object tracking, gesture control, monitoring, and proximity, motion, and material detection.

Технические параметры

Brand: Acconeer
Factory Pack Quantity: Factory Pack Quantity: 3000
Manufacturer: Acconeer
Maximum Operating Temperature: +105 C
Minimum Operating Temperature: -40 C
Moisture Sensitive: Yes
Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
Operating Supply Current: 100 mA
Operating Supply Voltage: 1.8 V
Product Category: Distance Sensors
Product Type: Distance Sensors
Sensing Distance: 20 m
Supply Voltage - Max: 1.89 V
Supply Voltage - Min: 1.71 V
Type: Pulsed Coherent Radar

Техническая документация

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