PartNumber: L-3VEGW
Ном. номер: 8287508568
Производитель: Kingbright
Фото 1/2 L-3VEGW
Фото 2/2 L-3VEGW
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The L-3VEGW from Kingbright is a through hole, round shaped, bi-colour LED with white diffused lens type. Bi-colour of LED are high efficiency red and green colour made with gallium arsenide phosphide on gallium phosphide orange light emitting diode and gallium phosphide green light emitting diode. This LED is widely used because of low power consumption, long life, solid state reliability and uniform light output.

• Bulb size is T-1 (3mm)
• 3 leads with one common lead
• Forward voltage of 2V for red and 2.2V for green
• Forward current of 20mA for red and green
• Dominant wavelength of 617nm for red and 568 for green
• Peak wavelength of 627nm for red and 565 for green
• Luminous intensity of 30mcd for red and 40mcd for green
• Viewing angle of 60°

Оптоэлектроника / Светодиоды / Выводные светодиоды
Инфо: 3mm round through-hole led/red 625nm 10-40mcd/green 568nm 10-35mcd/white diffused/60°(межвыводное расстояние 2 мм)

Дополнительная информация

Datasheet L-3VEGW