IS61WV102416BLL-10TLI, 1M х 16, 2.5/3.3V

PartNumber: IS61WV102416BLL-10TLI
Ном. номер: 8692873245
Производитель: Integrated Silicon Solution
IS61WV102416BLL-10TLI, 1M х 16, 2.5/3.3V
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The IS61WV102416BLL-10TLI is a 16Mb high-speed static RAMs organized as 1024Kwords by 16 bits. It is fabricated using ISSI's high-performance CMOS technology. This highly reliable process coupled with innovative circuit design techniques, yields high-performance and low power consumption devices. When CE is HIGH (deselected), the device assumes a standby mode at which the power dissipation can be reduced down with CMOS input levels. Easy memory expansion is provided by using Chip Enable and Output Enable inputs, CE and OE. The active LOW Write Enable (WE) controls both writing and reading of the memory. A data byte allows Upper Byte (UB) and Lower Byte (LB) access.

• High-performance, low-power CMOS process
• Multiple centre power and ground pins for greater noise immunity
• Easy memory expansion with CE and OE options
• CE power-down
• Fully static operation, no clock or refresh required
• TTL compatible inputs and outputs
• Data control for upper and lower bytes

Микросхемы / Микросхемы памяти / Статическая память - SRAM
Корпус: TSOP48, инфо: SRAM Chip Async Single 2.5V/3.3V 16M-Bit 1M x 16 10ns, примечание: 1M х 16, 2.5/3.3V

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