C1608X5R1E225K080AB, чип 0603 X5R 2.2uF +10% 25V

PartNumber: C1608X5R1E225K080AB
Ном. номер: 8973998108
Производитель: TDK (TDK-Lambda)
Фото 1/2 C1608X5R1E225K080AB, чип 0603 X5R 2.2uF +10% 25V
Фото 2/2 C1608X5R1E225K080AB, чип 0603 X5R 2.2uF +10% 25V
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The TDK C series commercial grade multilayer ceramic chip capacitor is Class 2, X5R dielectric material with perfect layering technique which ensures the precise placing of dielectric and electrode layers as well as the multilayer technology. High capacitance has been achieved through precision technologies that enable the use of multiple thinner ceramic dielectric layers. Typical applications include smoothing and decoupling circuits.

• Capacitance values ranging from 0.5pF to 100µF based on dielectric material
• Case sizes 0402, 0603, 1005, 1608, 2012, 3216, 3225, 4532 and 5750 are available
• DC voltage rating of 4V to 50V
• Low ESL and excellent frequency characteristics
• Low self heating and high ripple resistance due to low ESR
• High temperature range of -55°C to 85°C
• Monolithic structure ensures superior mechanical strength and reliability

Конденсаторы / Керамические конденсаторы / Конденсаторы керамические SMD
Корпус: CC0603 0.8+0.1, инфо: Керамический конденсатор SMD 0603 X5R 2.2uF +10% 25V, примечание: чип 0603 X5R 2.2uF +10% 25V

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Datasheet C1608X5R1E225K080AB