EECHZ0E106,ионистор 10Fx2.5V -25+70Cсерия HZ радиальн.выв(Panasonic)

PartNumber: EECHZ0E106
Ном. номер: 9060001598
Производитель: Panasonic
EECHZ0E106,ионистор 10Fx2.5V -25+70Cсерия HZ радиальн.выв(Panasonic)
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The EECHZ0E106 is a radial leaded Electric Double-layer Capacitor features superior charge and discharge performance compared with secondary batteries. The original design electrolyte is highly anti-alkaline, non-hazardous and has no risk for accidental leakage. The HZ series high capacitance capacitor (gold capacitor) is suitable for solar battery operated circuits.

• Not need charge control circuit and cannot happen over-charging of a gold capacitor
• Full discharge is possible
• Since there is no limit on the number of times of charging and discharging, it is long life
• High reliability
• Miniaturized high withstand voltage

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