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TFBS4711-TR1, IRDA TX/RX 0.1152Mbps 2.5V/3.3V/5V 6-Pin SMD T/R

Ном. номер: 8001011791
PartNumber: TFBS4711-TR1
Производитель: Vishay
TFBS4711-TR1, IRDA TX/RX 0.1152Mbps 2.5V/3.3V/5V 6-Pin SMD T/R
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The TFBS4711-TR1 is a low profile serial Infrared Data Transceiver SIR Module supports IrDA data rates up to 115.2kbit/s (SIR). This transceiver module consists of a PIN photodiode, an infrared emitter (IRED) and a low-power CMOS control IC to provide a total frontend solution. The device is designed for the low power IrDA standard with an extended range on-axis up to 1m. The RXD pulse width is independent of the duration of TXD pulse and always stays at a fixed width thus making the device optimum for all standard SIR encoder/decoder and interfaces. The shut down (SD) feature cuts current consumption to typically 10nA.

• Compliant with the latest IrDA physical layer low power specification
• Industries smallest footprint
• Remote control - Transmit distance up to 8m
• Tri-state receiver output, floating in shutdown with a weak pull-up
• Constant RXD output pulse width
• Meets IrFM fast connection requirements

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Datasheet TFBS4711-TR1

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