92.932.3053.0 CONNECTOR MALE GST18I3S S1 ZR1 WS

92.932.3053.0 CONNECTOR MALE GST18I3S S1 ZR1 WS
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Номенклатурный номер: 8002850064
Артикул: 92.932.3053.0
Производитель: Wieland Electric


Wieland Electric GST18i Plug-In Building Installation Connectors
GST18i plug-In building installation connectors designed for the quick, safe and easy connection and disconnection of electrical consumers to and from the electrical installation. These GST18i plug –in connections have robust machined solid metal contacts and are IP20 touch rated with a leading ground contact. Mechanical coding enables a clear and safe separation of different applications within the same system. Colour coding identifies the connections that belong together allowing ease of assembly and eliminating mismating. These GST18i plug-in connectors are fully intermateable with the existing GST18 connectors but feature a 20A capacity as opposed to the 16A capacity of the GST18 model.

Технические параметры

Type Ленточный вывод
Plug/Socket Штекер
Gender Вилка
Voltage Rating 250 В
Strain Relief Yes
Contact Material CuZn
Brand Wieland
Pole Format 3
IP Rating IP40
Contact Plating Олово
Termination Method Винт
Colour Белый
Wire Size 0.75 → 2.5 mm²
Current Rating 20A
Series GST18i3
Mounting Type Монтаж на кабель
Вес, г 20.2

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