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Ном. номер: 8003563178
Производитель: JST Corporation
53 руб.
4000 шт. со склада г.Москва,
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Кратность заказа 500 шт.
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JST XA Series 2.5mm Shrouded PCB Header Connectors
XA series wire to board shrouded PCB header connectors with a 2.5mm pitch. These XA 2.5 mm shrouded headers have a locking ramp device that provides a secure connection to the mating connector. This locking device also helps to prevent disconnection during the assembly process and due to vibration. Insertion guides and polarization bosses are also incorporated into the housing design of these XA series PCB headers to facilitate easy insertion and accurate alignment on the PCB. The housings of these XA series PCB headers are made from glass filled PA66 nylon which is effective against solder cracking problems. The header pins are rounded in design and reflow treated providing a low insertion force.

Технические параметры

Type Wire to Board
Connector System Wire to Board
Voltage Rating 250 V ac/dc
Contact Material Copper Alloy
Brand JST
Contact Plating Tin
Termination Method Solder
Shrouded/Unshrouded Shrouded
Current Rating 3A
Series XA
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Number Of Contacts 4
Number Of Rows 1
Body Orientation Straight
Pitch 2.5mm

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