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Производитель: Sensata Technologies


Датчики\Температурные датчики\Термореле
5100 Series Thermostat Probes
Sensata 5100 Series Thermostat Probes are hermetically sealed, positive snap action, single pole/single throw probe style thermostats built for harsh conditions. These thermostat probes feature case grounded and isolated versions, multiple thread/tube length/termination options, and are available in both normally open and normally closed configurations. The tip of the probe contains a snap-action disc which gives rapid, true temperature responses. The welded, stainless steel construction and mylar sleeve with epoxy potting ensures durability to the toughest vibrational specifications. The 5100 series meets MIL-STD-202, method 107 thermal shock specifications (test condition B), while operating in termperatures ranging from 1.67°C to 249°C. These Sensata thermostat probes are ideal for hydraulic systems, degreasers, refrigeration systems, chemical baths, engine coolant, and other industrial applications.

Технические параметры

Категория продукта: Термореле
Подкатегория: Sensors
Продукт: Hermetic Thermostats
Производитель: Sensata
Размер фабричной упаковки: Размер фабричной упаковки: 1
Серия: 5100
Температура закрытия: 205 F
Температура открытия: 235 F
Тип продукта: Thermostats
Торговая марка: Sensata Technologies
Упаковка: Bulk
Функция: Open on Rise
Вес, г 45.7

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