EL7104CNZ, MOSFET Driver, 4.5V to 16V Supply, 4A Out, 18ns Delay, DIP-8

PartNumber: EL7104CNZ
Ном. номер: 8000897421
Производитель: Renesas Technology
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The EL7104CNZ is a single-channel high speed matched Power MOSFET Driver IC improves the operation of the industry-standard TC-4420/29 clock drivers. The Elantec version is a very high speed driver capable of delivering peak currents of 1A into highly capacitive loads. The high speed performance is achieved by means of a proprietary Turbo-Driver circuit that speeds up input stages by tapping the wider voltage swing at the output. Improved speed and drive capability are enhanced by matched rise and fall delay times. These matched delays maintain the integrity of input-to-output pulse-widths to reduce timing errors and clock skew problems. This improved performance is accompanied by a 10-fold reduction in supply currents over bipolar drivers, yet without the delay time problems commonly associated with CMOS drivers.

• Industry-standard driver replacement
• Improved response times
• Matched rise and fall times
• Reduced clock skew
• Low output impedance
• Low input capacitance
• High noise immunity
• Improved clocking rate
• Low supply current
• Wide operating range
• Separate drain connections

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Datasheet EL7104CNZ

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